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Sensational Ecommerce

As the COVID-19 virus has accelerated the change from off- to online shopping, Ecommerce has taken a giant leap forward. Many business find themselves having to translate their carefully constructed offline brand experience to a consistent online brand experience within a couple of weeks.

But how do you create an experience that will WOW your customer?

  • What is your business model & value proposition in the online world? Does it need to be any different from today?
  • Does your online journey create the experience that fits your brand identity? And if not, what to change?
  • What about your unboxing experience? Could it create a buzz and how to use it for brand activation?
  • Incorporate all senses in your offering. How should your product look (visual – colors, logo’s), feel (texture – of your packaging materials). Did you think about sound, taste, and even smell?

Join us in a 4hr (online) workshop to create a sensational brand proposition with or without consumers to join in a co-creative setting. We will fuel you with our knowledge on sensory product experience, inspire you with examples from other industries, challenge your status quo and co-craft with your team a new experience that tickles the senses and fits your brand

We can test the proposition with consumers in either community or short survey set-up afterwards in case useful.

💬 Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

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Annemarie Perquin
Strategic Advisor