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The Challenge

How can we increase revenue from the super premium beer segment?

Our Story

Design thinking at its purest: we implemented a consumer-centric and agile approach in order to develop an optimised new brand proposition. Digital ethno with target consumers enabled us to understand consumption behaviour and needs. Rich visual outputs (videos & photos) served as input for focus groups and aided to reveal the needs, wants and aspirations when drinking super premium beer. We uncovered drivers and barriers, and the importance of heritage, quality and brand image. Targeted questioning revealed the secrets behind the success of the market leader and other brands. Ideation workshops with internal stakeholders and the creative agency were used to develop ideas for optimalisation. Consumer safaris, where we visited bars together with client stakeholders, helped to shape and iterate the initial concepts into a reduced number of engaging propositions.

Our Shared Success

This is an ongoing undertaking. As we have arrived at the final concepts, the next stage will be to evaluate them within the context of the actual liquid the client has created and establish the one with the most potential.

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