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The Challenge

How can we fuel our NPD pipeline with meaningful & high potential innovations ? What is the whitespace in the taste landscape that our innovation can fill ?

Our Story

Our expert taste panel composed a detailed sensory profile of a whole range of existing and prototype products, which enabled us to draw the sensory space of the entire category. In a second phase, consumers evaluated all products in terms of liking. Genuine and deep understanding of consumers combined with our expertise in sensory interpretation allowed us to link the consumer insights to the sensory category map, resulting in a consumer preference map

Our Shared Success

Our research provided a clear overview of the different product clusters in the market and the corresponding consumer preference. Based on our recommendations, the client launched one product that was included as a prototype in the test and proved to cover a space where competition was moderate. Next to this, the sensory map revealed a whitespace opportunity space with specific sensory characteristics, undeveloped at this point, for which the client's R&D department has started developing prototypes.

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