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The Challenge

How to fuel the innovation pipeline to get a deep understanding of different consumer segments and their key needs regarding beverages.

Our Story

We used our NPD Hackathon approach. In phase one, digital ethnography was used to immerse ourselves in day-today drinking habits: consumers from each segment participated in 5 days of tasks and challenges on our mobile platform, which enabled us to identify key moments and needs regarding the category. To better understand participants’ lifestyles, we tracked and analyzed their activity on Instagram. Client stakeholders followed all activities on the platform in real-time and provided input for upcoming challenges.
During phase two, we facilitated co-creation sessions with both influencers and internal/ external client stakeholders to discuss opportunities and possible innovations to satisfy existing needs.

Our Shared Success

During an interactive workshop we facilitated multi-disciplinary client stakeholder teams to generate and discuss relevant ideas per segment, grounded in consumer-centric insights. 

The NPD Hackathon project resulted in two finalized ideas that fulfilled key consumer needs. Both ideas were translated into prototypes which were tested in a final product test before launch. Our agile approach accelerated the NPD process of the client and significantly reduced both time and costs.

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