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The Challenge

How can we launch a product concept in the beauty and care landscape across different cultures in a sensorial way?

Our Story

We applied our unique Symphony Of Senses approach, asking consumers to describe what the concept meant for them and express this in a sensorial way (touch, sight, smell, sound, texture and colours). This proprietary approach enhanced consumers to express themselves through the senses and assisted in unveiling implicit, latent associations and even needs. ​In a next stage, concrete concepts were evaluated against the backdrop of the Symphony of Senses outcomes. This led to deeper and more sensorially nuanced discussions,

Our Shared Success

We helped the client to understand that the same concept meant very different things across cultures. We also clarified that, in order to launch a relevant product in the beauty and care market, the product would need to have different characteristics and a different positioning. In addition, we found that the communication and pack would need to contain different nuances as well to be culturally and sensorially fitting for all markets.

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