Brand Strategy

The Challenge

How to differentiate a brand and products in order to optimise their launch in a new market?

Our Story

In a first phase we analyzed more than 800 authentic consumer voices out of more than social media 50.000 posts related to the category. Social media listening enabled us to deeply understand category drivers and barriers such as simplicity, health and togtherness as well as the emerging conversation themes to feed into a brand positioning exercise. In a second phase we set up an online community and used go-pro cameras, diary exercises, natural grouping tasks and projective brand positioning techniques (DriveSens) to get insight into real vs claimed usage and attitudes, as well as the brand landscape.

Our Shared Success

We worked with the client, using our insights to develop a strategic category and brand vision. Based on our recommendations, the first concept in the cooking aid category was launched, focusing on the simplicity and togetherness that the product brings. The launch was very successfull launch and the product is still on the market.

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