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The Challenge

How can a beverages manufacturer accelerate the R&D process for an entirely new category by gaining insight into key sensorial codes (taste, aroma, appearance, texture, audio, shape) that are relevant, differentiating and credible?

Our Story

During a comprehensive Kick-Off workshop we worked with internal stakeholders through a list of potential proposion aspects of the proposition including concepts, pack types, pack designs, product prototypes (‘minimum viable products’). A range of exercises enabled us to agree which stimuli to explore with consumers. ​

In consumer sessions participants explored the category through an individual exercise using our Symphony Of Senses toolkit, which allowed them to express themselves through the senses and assisted in unveiling implicit, latent associations and needs. ​

Our motivational DriveSens model enabled us to assess competitor packages as well as taste prototypes, and find out how those fit the category and specific needstates.​

Our Shared Success

We developed a clear roadmap for both the R&D and Marketing department. We worked with Marketing to develop a comprehensive, relevant and differentiating concept and package that could play a role in a different needstate than competitors. R&D used the insights to create a recipe with sensory attributes that fit the category, yet still has a distinctive taste signature. ​

An entirely new Needstate was discovered that other motivational models had not found. ​

Our Symphony Of Senses approach shortened the innovation process (concept to product) by 12 months.

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