Brand Strategy

The Challenge

In a category with similar visual codes and cues, how can a homeopathy brand distinguish their brand in a multi-sensorial way, and how can we be certain that these multi-sensorial attributes have a deeper meaning?

Our Story

During a comprehensive immersion kick-off session, the marketing team shared all brand stimuli from past and present: brand colors, typography, metaphors used on pack, advertising properties, TV-jingles, pay-offs, bottle shapes, tablet shapes etc. Together, we decided which stimuli to explore with consumers.

Individual in-depth interviews enabled us to uncover the assets with most potential and the deeper meaning of various assets. In order to do this, we started from brand drawings and moved on to a more prompted level with pre-selected assets.

The qualitative phase provided a clear overview of the most powerful assets that could be validated in terms of familiarity and distinctiveness. To this end, Haystack used proprietary online quantitative approach based on consumers’ memories – aiming to reflect reality wherever possible.

Our Shared Success

We established that the client's preferred route was not ideal as it made the brand less distinct in a crowded competitive field. In addition, we identified an asset with deeper meaning to take forward. ​We recommended a set of 3 distinct assets, which the client brand now uses consistently across all channels in ATL and BTL communications. ​The business result: in a highly promo-driven market the client is able to maintain market share without relying on the types of heavy price promotion that competitors and private labels use.

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