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We empower people, ideas and brands to reach their full potential

We deliver actionable insights with deep perspective. Our "whatever it takes" approach, rooted in consumer understanding, allows us to craft built-to-fit custom research solutions.

Using an array of scalable, best-in-class & innovative methodologies, we provide research & consulting solutions that help you make better & smarter decisions and create impact in your organization.

We don’t just ask what is, but explore what could be.

Our capabilities will educate and inspire you, helping you discover the information you need, determine the best next steps, and successfully achieve your business goals.

Finish First flips traditional ideation on its head

Instead of trying to understand the market and consumers, we focus on creating concepts from the very start, testing and reworking MVP’s as soon as possible. We fail fast and learn faster. We connect with consumers through a multi sensory approach that engages their feelings, not their thoughts.

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How we help companies grow

"Haystack has a critical approach embedded in their company culture and methodologies. That is why we prefer to work with Haystack."


"Great team to work with. Always innovating research agency for sensorial research!"


"We have great professional experience with Haystack! They are reliable, dynamic, pleasant and highly flexible. They are specialised in sensory research among others."


"Haystack brainstorms with us as a partner to create challenging, innovative and custom-made projects."


We work in close partnership with the heavyweights, the challengers and the disruptors

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