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Ban on SUP - an opportunity to look for reusable and ecological alternatives

We often cannot live without plastics and specifically single use plastics (SUP). In order to reduce production, consumption and the eventual negative impact on our ecosystem, the European Parliament adopted the Single Use Plastics Directive in 2019 whereupon all EU countries must incorporate it into their national legislation by July 3, 2021. 

The goal is to combat the plastic soup that is floating around in the ocean. Just think of all kinds of disposable plastic such as drinking cups, cutlery, straws, plates and fast-food packaging that unfortunately end up next to the trash more often than not. So the materials mentioned above are finally banned for good. 

We at Haystack Consulting also depend on these materials for our sensory and consumer testing. We see it as an opportunity to look for reusable and ecological alternatives. In the meantime, we use more glassware than plastic materials, and we are systematically increasing our stock of reusable materials.

We are very happy to see how our customers are finding sustainable solutions to this problem.
Together we can do this!

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