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Going beyond basic nutrition: functional foods and their (health) benefits

Nowadays, consumers are progressively looking for food products that boost a healthy lifestyle. These food products should include at least one health benefit like: boosting the immune system or improve digestive health.

Have you heard of the new bacteria in town? 

The range of food components that can help with this, is wide. Living bacteria for example? One of the best ingredients to help digest food, synthesize vitamins and support our immune system. A more common term for this is ‘Probiotics’, which are beneficial bacteria that already live in our digestive tract. An example that you’ve already might have heard of is Kombucha. A drink that you can find more and more on a restaurant’s menu because of its functional health dimension. Brands like ‘Kellogg’s’ and ‘Smint’ are also examples of other brands increasing their offer of healthy food products.

Brands are not only displaying the functional benefit of their products, but also combining it with a certain emotional feeling that the consumer can experience. 

For example: ‘Kombucha’ uses the slogan “raise a glass to gut health”. It is supposed to give the consumer a feeling of belonging to a bigger group of people, all caring about their gut health.

Besides that, the pandemic has accelerated the consumer’s desire to boost their physical and mental performances. Claims like ‘boosting energy’ promise instant gratification and are therefore very popular nowadays. Even skincare brands like ‘Nivea’ claim to have body wash products that boost energy levels.

Think you have seen everything on the market now? Guess again! The company ‘Brain chocolate’ delivers products that benefit your brain. Here you can see a shift from not only boosting your physical aspect of the body but also boosting your mind. Holistic benefits like optimizing sleep, focus, and relaxation are now also part of functional foods, which makes basic nutrition an old concept from the past.

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