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Newborn from our Haystack Innovation Lab – Real Life testing on social media

Speed and agility are crucial in today’s business, after all there is a continuing demand for faster development and innovation. 

Last year Haystack Consulting introduced a new perspective on Innovation called Finish First in line with agile & start-up thinking. Finish First aims to learn & fail fast, and part of that learning journey is also investigating in new research/insight generating techniques that enable a steep learning curve.

Haystack consulting would like to introduce our latest newborn from our Innovation Lab: 

Real Life testing on social media.

In short: we create a bundle of online adds for social media to measure the appeal of the idea, potential new product benefit(s), claims or a new design. We check click-through-rates to measure appeal and see what target audience is most interested. 

Based on the outcomes we learn, iterate and make even better ideas and adds to test. We link the adds to a webpage where we explain more about the product, and by actual click behavior we get a more profound understanding of e.g., ideal pack size, preferred flavours or specific product claims.

We prefer to measure consumer behaviour in ‘real life’ vs. claimed behaviour via questionnaires, but how much can we learn without asking? By experimenting with this technique, we are pushing the boundaries of our own expectations.

How can we use this for your brand? 

We can test for example:

  • (unbranded) ideas on the appeal of benefits in early stage of development or
  • Branded concepts/ products in final stage before launch.
  • Activation or go-to-market ideas
  • Product claims

Please feel free to contact Annemarie Perquin ( to discuss opportunities for your brand

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