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The Shopting © model: link consumer behaviour to shopper behaviour

The core challenge for many business managers today is to identify those few strategic growth buckets to tap into in order to create sustainable growth for their company.

Are there any unmet needs or rapidly growing consumer segments? Who exactly is my target, what drives them and how can I reach them more effectively? How can I optimize my go-to-market strategy and connect on a strategic level with my key customers?

About the company Shopting

Luc Demeulenaere – a shopper marketing expert with extensive experience in several global and high-level strategic roles at Procter & Gamble – developed a powerful consumer and shopper insight model that has proven in the past years to be very successful for strategic long term business planning. The model combines a specific research methodology with industry expert consulting services.

In 2011 Luc published a book on the framework in collaboration with dr. Brian Harris and several industry experts: The Consumer & Shopper path to purchase Journey (insights model and framework)

The core of the Shopting © model

The model moves away from the classic category management approach that looks through the eyes of one generic shopper. It all starts with the consumer: who is he, what drives him, what are his beliefs, his lifestyle. A behavioral segmentation exercise reveals the different types of consumers that exist in the market or category, with different profiles, needs, and aspirations.

The Shopting © model by Haystack

Once these segments are indentified, we will follow them along their consumer/shopper journey: how are they influenced? Through which touchpoints? by which messages? what are their shopping missions? where do they decide to purchase? Why do they decide to purchase there? how do they decide what to purchase?

Finally, we will quantify the segments via a selection of differentiating questions and link them to behavioural shopper databases, such as HH panel or loyalty card databases. In this process, we will be able to deduct actual shopping behaviour and identify the most valuable growth areas.

What can you expect? For whom is the model useful?

The model looks at the consumer and the shopper in an integrated way to identify key growth platforms. These can cover multiple disciplines such as marketing, sales, category management or shopper marketing. Depending on the findings, we will work with you to steer your innovation pipeline and marketing campaigns, develop a national game-plan, work on a joint business plan with your strategic customers and even help with the implementation.

Output levels Shopting© model

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