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The birth of Haystack Consulting

We announced today to change our corporate name to Haystack Consulting. Our company has used the name, “Haystack International,” for more than 6 years, achieving company and service recognition on a global scale. But times have changed, and so does research. 

Client expectations have shifted from data delivery to evidence-based consulting that drives their business goals. Focussing on a superior product experience alone doesn’t do the trick anymore. For that reason, our company has gone through a thorough reflection and transformation process in the past months. 

As part of the name change, we have released a new company logo and launched our new company website

“There’s a lot of data nowadays and clients want us to connect all the dots, from innovation over retail strategies over customer experience to a holistic brand strategy.”

Ludovic Depoortere - Founder

It’s time to disrupt ourselves, to stay relevant for our clients. We are very proud to introduce Haystack Consulting - an agency that infuses your strategies with insights to accelerate sustainable growth.

Our “whatever it takes” approach, rooted in sensory & consumer understanding will remain. But, an array of scalable, best in class capabilities will help you to make better & smarter decisions. We don’t believe all that glitters is gold, but do have a strong passion for innovative research and innovation in methodology (approaches, techniques and technologies). The only way to stay ahead is through disruptive or incremental innovation.

Broadly speaking, we want to create added value in five domains:

  • Explore and innovate - Combining entrepreneurial agility with commercial rigour to create winning innovations in products, services and packaging
  • Brand strategy - Helping to shape a distinct and long-term future of the brand, from market and category understanding to inception and communication.
  • Shopper behaviour & retail strategy - Providing intuitive shopper insights that deliver a more engaging shopper experience. We solve any shopper-related business problem the clients want to throw at us
  • Stakeholder activation - Ranging from co-creation and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to realizing the full potential of insights across the business
  • Customer experience - Working with companies to make their end-to-end customer experience more fun, easy and valuable.

Discover more about our expertise.

"With about 70 employees, we will continue to invest in our FMCG expertise, but we are expanding our offering. Bearing the client expectations in mind, we’ve reshaped our solutions to serve both tactical and strategic client needs. A profound digitalization process enables us to offer even more agile and hybrid solutions. Last but not least, we’ve broadened our expertise into areas such as Automotive, Telecom, Services, Banking, Durables, Leisure & Government. “ 

Kris Vloeberghs - Managing Director

Our renewed and enforced capabilities in qualitative, quantitative, hybrid and data science analytics will educate and inspire you, helping you discover the information you need, determine the best next steps, and successfully achieve your business goals

It’s not only about a new name, logo and website…it’s about keeping on making sense(s) to your business.

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