Fast Forward your Product Development with Real-Time Consumer Insights.

In the fast-changing world of food and beverages, innovation has to happen at the speed of light. Strategy and research are key. But when R&D, innovation, marketing & product developers and consumers step into a room together, that’s when the brakes really come off. And innovation accelerates to dizzying speeds.

The essence of Finish First Factory

Co-create with consumers

Recipe & concept adjustments on the spot

Save valuable development time

Grow your brand, launch in no time

Consumers in the driving seat.

By involving consumers in co-creation sessions, we fine-tune our ideas with real-time feedback, embracing the ‘fail fast, learn fast’ approach to consistently deliver precisely what they desire.

Making mvp creation & optimisation look easy.

Long gone are the days of endless sample testing. With Döhler and Haystack Consulting, we swiftly create and enhance MVPs, facilitating quick iterations, saving time and resources. We also optimise marketing concepts and packaging to deliver the perfect blend of brand, product experience, and consumer satisfaction.

Farewell, sourcing constraints.

Say goodbye to the era of in-house small test batch production. Döhler and Haystack Consulting’s collaboration harnesses their combined expertise, eliminating the need for in-house samples, reducing costs and time-to-market.

Annemarie Perquin

"When Döhler’s flavour wizards join forces with Haystack’s savvy strategists and revolutionary researchers, magic happens."

Get inspired at lightning speed with our case study

  • How the Finish First Factory speeds up product development
  • Discover how innovation happens together with consumers
  • MVP creation and optimisation in the blink of an eye