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The Challenge

Which cars, and which specific elements of tested cars, are emotionally engaging for users, and why do they consider them to be engaging?

Our Story

We implemented a mix of more traditional market research approaches together with implicit measurement techniques. We started by showing the interior and exterior of the car and measured the implicit reactions of consumers via EEG, GSR and Eye-tracking. After showing a short movie of their reaction to the car, we conducted qualitative in-depth-interviews with users in order to capture their rational thoughts and explain 'why'.

Our Shared Success

We concluded that consumers can't express themselves verbally even though they think they can. Objective measurements are needed to capture emotional engagement. We can then link this afterwards with the verbal explanation. Specific exterior & interior elements can evoke positive or negative reactions without affecting overall liking of the car. It's not only the overall liking that matters, it's the sum of all individual elements that have to be emotionally enaging. Even small details in a car can evoke strong emotional reactions that will ultimately affect overall liking.

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