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The Challenge

How can Alpro uncover additional, exceptional and creative ways of how consumers use plant-based products through social media analysis?

Our Story

We used a social media analytics tool to create a search query in which we could track all earned conversations about Alpro on social media. In addition, we implemented a Big Qual text analysis tool to count words and hashtags and identify patterns. This quantification of qualitative data sped up the interpretation of the social media posts considerably. We did also look at the posts qualitatively, which enabled us to funnel all earned conversations around Alpro into three specific categories of interest.

Our Shared Success

Social media analysis for U&A studies is a great tool when the goal is to inspire and fuel the marketing and R&D teams. With the right software, it is straightforward to identify the largest additional, exceptional and creative uses of Alpro products. In addition, qualitatative analysis enriched our findings with keywords and hashtags that Alpro can use in its own social media posts.

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