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The Challenge

We can see a clear customer need regarding pension applications. How can our insurance company capitalise on this with a relevant new service?

Our Story

We implemented a two-step approach to fully tackle the complete landscape of needs. In a first phase, we explored how customers felt regarding this issue, what they currently did as measurements and how they would like to be supported, either by the insurance company or by another provider. Armed with these insights, we led an internal workshop to brainstorm and develop ideas around how to enable this insurance company to bring a meaningful proposition to their end clients that would truly support them in all stages of the pension application and administration. In a second phase, we conducted co-creation groups to test these brainstorm ideas with the end-client.As such, we could finetune the ideas and ensure they were relevant for the end-client.

Our Shared Success

We uncovered the 'size of the prize' and enabled our client to appreciate that the need they saw was indeed a big issue for many and a pressing problem for some. Based on our insights, the client was able to develop a service to assist end-customers in their pension accrual, all the way from the start of their career up until the moment they are some years into their pension. As such, our research contributed to the development of a whole new area of business for this client,

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