Brand Strategy

The Challenge

What are the potential areas of growth for the brand portfolio in the Away From Home channel and how do our brands perform in a competitive context across channels, categories, occasions and audiences?

Our Story

We implemented a continuous, efficient and robust tracking solution of out-of-home consumption and brand performance, with a focus on consistency across all 12 markets and high data quality/granularity. A pilot phase was required to work through the many intricacies of volume and value data collection, survey wording, weighting, missing values, data handling, etc. This is an ongoing project where we achieve a quarterly sample size per market of n=5,000. We provide the client with an updated comprehensive and interactive dashboard each quarter, after which a series of insights sessions and workshops take place.

Our Shared Success

We quantified the market structure in terms of volume, value, shares and evolutions for the entire brand portfolio and its competitors, and provided insights on a range of key business indicators. In order to manage the enormous amount of data, we provided a user-friendly bespoke online dashboard. We consult on a continuous basis with the cross-country teams to enable strategic decision-making and drive business growth.

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